Road to NAB
Phase 4/8: Installing Creature Comforts

We continue to Phase 4 of our production trailer construction in Sunbury, Ohio at the Gerling and Associates facility. They have constructed most of the outside broadcast trucks in the television business, and they are extremely good at what they do. We came in with a different design plan than the usual. They were responsive and willing to make some changes and improvements beyond the ones they have been doing for years. Gerling complimented us by saying, "Your new trailer layout is the best of all of the other trailers..." In this phase, we install some of the "creature comforts," which includes more insulation, interior ceiling & walls, stairways, lighting, racks, wiring power and the air conditioning unit. Not only is it the largest unit of its kind to keep equipment from overheating, but it is also designed to maintain an even interior temp to prevent operators from freezing to their seats.