Road to NAB
Phase 6/8: Integrating Components

Clark Media hired Bennett Systems to handle the integration portion of the production trailer. Barry, the owner of Bennet Systems, lead a team of engineers to work wonders. It is like watching a surgery; you don't want to know how you just want to know that everything is okay. Many large components are part of this phase, including a substantial IP3 Router with 533 3G inputs and 622 3G outputs. Also, a Calrec Artemis Light with a 56 fader panel makes it inside. Full specs are coming soon. The trailer has access to every rack from behind. No boxed in racks! When the truck is in service, we will have complete access to all of the equipment for installations, changes, and repairs without ever telling an operator to move out of the way. The integrators are happy. It is one of many smart features found in this well-designed trailer.