June 2021

Keeping Secrets

With ABC's The Hustler

Clark Media 4K-HD-Mobile
The David Among GOLIATHS

June 2021

In the Groove

With ABC's Holey Moley

Clark Media 4K-HD-Mobile
The David Among GOLIATHS

May 2020

Remote Possibilities:

Onboard Encoders Allow

Some Positions to Work @ Home

Clark Media 4K-HD-Mobile
The David Among GOLIATHS

May 2020

Clean Machine:

Sanitizing our Space

with a Safe UV-light Air Purifier

Clark Media 4K-HD-Mobile
The David Among GOLIATHS

January 2020

The Way We Roll

with Netflix's Hyperdrive

Learn More at ICG's Website

Clark Media 4K-HD-Mobile
The David Among GOLIATHS

August 2018

Revving It Up at

Netflix's Hyperdrive

Reality Show

Clark Media 4K-HD-Mobile
The David Among GOLIATHS

Video testimonials from industry talent.

Learn why our 53-ft Clark Truck encourages talented color graders and audio mixers to be more creative.

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Clark Media 53-ft Mobile Truck
Clark Media Rolls Out Innovative 4K Mobile Truck with Hybrid-Cinema Techniques

Future-Proof for Tomorrow's Technologies

Our engineers listen to clients to pull their resources together, designing one of the best possible production truck solutions available. They developed an expando trailer with superior flexibility, first-class comfort and the right combination of technologies to make your productions worry-free. Big enough for 5.1 mixing, 16-4K cameras and 24-seating positions with elbow room to spare. Learn more about our all-new studio on wheels.

Explore The Truck
...field tested and proven for today's requirements
Clark Media provides corporations, production companies and networks with broadcast equipment rentals and production services.
Clark Team

The most important part of our rental packages is our people. Each of our crew members is either on staff or selected from a pool of freelancers who have been checked out and certified Clark ready.

4K-HD Cameras & Flypacks

Built by the engineers who use them. Clark Media's 4K & HD systems are the most powerful fly packs on wheels. Feel secure with our understanding of location production.

Mobile Production

Designed for 4K-native, UHD & HD production. We have an expando truck that handles up to 16 cameras and sets up fast. Call Clark Media today at 610-694-9800 (East) 818-435-4689 (West) to get a quote and put our new mobile production truck on hold.

Clark is our go-to for mobile production. The quality of their truck and gear packages are best-in-class and their engineers truly become an integral part of our shows. We often throw wild or last-minute request at Clark and they have yet to deliver anything but impeccable results.
Tom Gott - VIMEO Senior Producer | Live Production

We provide the very best in service and technology

4K & HD mobile solutions for the biggest projects.

We always stay ahead on technical advancements, so that our clients maintain their competitive edge.

Clark maintains an expansive inventory of the latest video and audio technology. When something new comes out, we had it in yesterday. And like all our gear, it will be checked out frontwards and backward by Clark engineers who keep meticulous service and maintenance logs on everything. Our superlative equipment engineering is the main reason why Clark clients don't rent anywhere else.

With one phone call to us, we'll discuss your needs, provide the gear with a crew and see you on location. Our goal is to let you concentrate on the big picture. Let us handle the technical stuff. That's why many of our clients consider us their number one “Heads-Up Thinking™” company.

Our Services

We have a full-time staff of rental managers, engineers and production professionals ready to provide a custom solution for your project.


HD & 4K Cameras

Clark Media specializes in providing 4K & HD equipment for single and multiple camera packages. Clark’s approach is to provide a suite of production options that are field tested and proven for today’s requirements. And of course, we have all the extras. From multiple HD lens choices, matte boxes and filters to all the necessary engineering support equipment.


Mobile Flypack Systems

With nearly two-decades of multiple camera productions, we know what works and what doesn't. That's why our engineers have custom design modular systems that are pre-wired and configurable to meet the demands of this type of production. We can scale to any job and setup quickly.


Audio & Intercom

Clark's Audio and Intercom Systems, ranging from a simple RTS 2 wire intercom system and industry standard Yamaha LS9-16, up to a Studer Vista1 mixing console and a 64 port RTS Intercom Matrix. The real difference between us and our competitors is that we don't just have an extensive inventory; we'll help you choose from it to best fit your needs.


Production Truck

Clients love our all-new 53' expando production truck with attention to roominess, super quiet audio room, balance temperature controls, and flexibility to configure the space any way you want it. It is technically flexible too. The Clark team custom configured the new truck to handle up to 40 cameras for a live sporting event. One truck, many possibilities. We make things happen.

Do you have a question, or a special project in mind? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you in 24 hours.
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